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Happy New Year

Posted by Knit4Charities Inc on 1 January, 2010 at 22:49 Comments comments (3)

Happy New Year to everyone who reads my Blog.  I hope you all have a healthy and productive 2010 with time to spare to do the things that make YOU happy.


Have you had a look at our 2010 Calendar yet?  Make sure you do, there are some great Charities that we will be helping this year and such a huge variety of items needed that I am sure you will find at least one to make and donate. 


If every knit4charities Yahoo group member and everyone else who reads this, made at least one item this year, there would be many needy people's lives made just a little more comfortable.  If you've been watching the News lately you will have heard that the number of homeless persons throughout Australia has grown tremendously over the past year.  Knit4charities and other similar groups helping supply warm items for winter will be very much in demand, so if you can, plan on making some teenage and adult clothing such as jumpers, cardigans, ponchos and vests as well as the usual - childrens/babies clothing, beanies, scarves, fingerless gloves, socks, bedsocks, toys and blankets.  Anything along these lines will be greatly appreciated.


I am currently working on a crochet baby blanket for one of our January Charity of the Month projects.  Because of the holidays and being away from home it is taking me a lot longer than it normally would so I am getting a bit frustrated with it.  After I finish the blanket I will make baby/premmie beanies for the same project and hopefully get to knit/crochet some squares for our other CotM project for January.


Time willing, my New Year's Resolution is to re-vamp this website -- give it a bit of a facelift and jazz it up a bit :)  The knit4charities group will go through some major changes in 2010 but I cant tell you about them just yet.......... Stay Tuned!


Happy knitting,




Where has the year gone?

Posted by Knit4Charities Inc on 26 November, 2009 at 22:54 Comments comments (0)

Christmas is almost upon us again and I dont know about you but I feel as though I am still getting over the last one!!  Must be getting old because the days, weeks and months are literally flying past me --- I dont know how I keep up.  Well I do know actually ----- I dont keep up!!!


Knit4charities has had another fantastic year.  Our Yahoo group members have been so generous with their donations.  Every charity we have supported has received a sizeable donation from the group and those who have taken the time to write to us have been very pleased with the quantity and quality of the items.


We've also been supported by many others who are not yahoo group members.  Some who have donated to our Charity of the Month projects and some who have given us donations of yarn. 


Thank you to everyone who has helped us throughout 2009


Creating Country Threads magazine did a marvellous article on the group in October.  Vol. 10 No. 3, if you want to look for the mag!  (If you cant find it email me, I will send you a photocopy) This has resulted in a huge number of book sales, new members and enquiries about helping us in other ways.   We really needed a boost and I cant thank the Editor of CCT enough for this.


I have had a wonderful time with my knitting and crochet this year.  I've tried lots of new patterns, learned some new techniques,  met some challenges and made lots of new crafty friends.  What more could I ask for!


2010 is going to be just as good if not better.  I am currently working on our Charity of the Month Calendar and should have it ready to publish here next week.  There are a lot of new and interesting charities to support as well as some that we've supported before.  Everyone will be kept as busy as they want to be. 


There will also be some exciting changes to the group so stay tuned for them in the New Year.


One of our very clever members is making jewellery for us to sell to help raise more funds.  At the moment they are only available to our Yahoo group members but as soon as I have met all of their orders, whats left will be available on this site.   It's mostly earrings with a knit or crochet based charm.  They are cute!!


I'm not sure when my next Blog will be so will take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a New Year filled with the love of family and friends, the ability to do whatever you wish to do and a desire to help others in some small way.


Happy knitting,




And it's about time....

Posted by Knit4Charities Inc on 6 October, 2009 at 0:29 Comments comments (1)

........ I posted an update!!


Our Fathers Day Beanie project was a roaring success.  I collected 297 beanies and distributed them between 5 Aged Care facilities.  Every man in aged care received a beanie and the excess I gave to Meals on Wheels to be given to whoever they thought might not otherwise receive a Fathers Day gift.


They were all packaged seperately with a little greeting card and I made sure that each nursing home received all different colours and styles so that no two men, living at each home, had the same beanie.


I have no idea how many I contributed personally (I never count my donations) but I do know that I was making 3  a day for a few weeks.  It was fun, I enjoyed it.  I used a basic knit pattern that I varied by changing from stocking stitch to rib, some had bands, some didn't and the colour combinations made them unique.  I also alternated the knitted ones with crochet ones so that I didn't get bored.   The variety of patterns and colours sent in by group members was remarkable!!


knit4charities Yahoo group has been growing steadily over the year.  It is wonderful to get new members, especially those who join in the groups discussions.  Everyone brings new ideas and this all helps to make things interesting.


Next week, in Vol. 10 No. 3 of Creating Country Threads, there will be an article on knit4charities.  Hopefully this will generate lots more interest in our group, new members and maybe a few more book sales.  Have a look in your newsagency for the mag!


Knitwise, at present I am making a Milo Sweater --- I bought the pattern on Ravelry --- $5 well spent.  I love it!!!   It's a top down, singlet or tank top, for children --- babies to 4yr olds.  I made the larger size in 8ply and am now making one for a 1yr old in 8ply cotton.


Otherwise, I've been sewing up blanket squares and trying out patterns for our KAL's and CAL's.  I managed to convert a knit pattern to a crochet pattern for TitBits.  Then I ran both a KAL & a CAL simultaneously after we had a request for help supplying these to a cancer hospital in Sydney. 


After I finish what's on my needles atm I will be concentrating on making what's needed for our Charity of the Month projects for the rest of the year.    I am already getting lots of nominations for our 2010 Calendar so we will be looking forward to another busy year ahead.


Until next time........Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do

Is it really that long??

Posted by Knit4Charities Inc on 12 July, 2009 at 2:03 Comments comments (0)

My last blog posting was in March -- I cant believe it's been that long......... well, no, I tell a lie....... I've said many times before I am the world's worst blogger...... it's not really a surprise so much time has passed since my last entry!


Obviously a lot has happened in those months both personally and to knit4charities.


Personally - we spent 5 weeks away from home, house-sitting for my niece and having a holiday with our grandchildren.  Another 3 weeks were spent away when DH had cataracts removed from his eyes recently. 


As always lots of knitting and crochet was done both away and at home.  I am not in the habit of keeping track of what I make to donate - it all goes into a storage bag during the month and is sorted and posted away every 4 weeks.  I did make a special baby blanket for a special friend while we were at the Gold Coast.  Apart from that it's mainly been the usual beanies, scarves, fingerless gloves, slippers, baby mittens-hats-socks, chemo headwear and rugs.


My "square lady" (very affectionately named for her continuous supply of blanket squares/strips) has kept me busy crocheting these together to give to needy homeless people and nursing home residents.


knit4charities has grown and grown.  Many new members, many hands working for the needy!!  Both our Charity of the Month projects and our personal donations numbers have continued to grow.  Thank you to everyone who supports us!  I am also getting quite a lot of people who just send donations directly to me for distribution and many non-members (those that have chosen not to join our Yahoo group) sending donations to our projects on a regular basis.  Many thanks to you all.


With August being our Remembrance Month and Father's Day coming up in September I have suggested that we make something for Men in Nursing Homes this year.  Here in Broken Hill, I discovered that women in homes receive a bouquet of flowers on Mother's Day but men dont receive anything on Father's Day.  This year that will change ---- if I can possibly manage it, all men will receive a beanie or a scarf on Fathers Day.  Depending on how many I can make and how many get donated to my cause maybe they will receive one of each :)


I would like to encourage everyone to consider doing something for the men in your local nursing home this year.  Even if you approach the home and target one resident who has no family you will be helping to make a difference.


Think about it :)


There is always someone in need -- members are asking for extra help all the time.  If you are reading this and have just discovered our website please consider joining our group and helping to make a fellow citizen a little more comfortable this winter.  Knit, crochet, or sew an item or two for charity - a guaranteed way to warm your heart as well as warm a fellow human being.  Oh... and dont forget animals - they feel the cold too - blankets, coats for dogs and cats are always needed by animal rescue groups. 


Till next time......... Happy knitting


Always something new...

Posted by Pamela on 7 March, 2009 at 15:06 Comments comments (4)

This week I spent quite some time with a new friend who has battled breast and other forms of cancer for 21 years.  It was amazing the information I gained from her regarding headwear and prosthesis.

If you've read my blog you will know that knit4charities has recently been knitting titbits (breast prosthesis) for mastectomy survivors.  Until this week I had never seen an actual proper prosthetic!  Now I have seen one I have realised that our knitted or crochet varities could be designed better.  This I am taking up as my next challange!  I already have an idea for a crochet version so watch this space ______  as the saying goes  

It has been a busy time, lots of knitting and crocheting done, packed and sent off to hopefully help people in crisis.  My spare bed is still covered with items but they will be going out in the very near future.  I get a lot of donations from friends these days so it's great to be able to send off a big parcel to all of our Charity of the Month projects each month.

I am away from home for most of April so now have to make a list of what I would like to make and what I need to take for the April CotM's.  One good thing is that I wont be far away from Yarn Shops if I run out   Lincraft, Spotlight --- Oh Heaven!!!  Not much variety to be found in Big W which is all I normally have to shop at.

Our Bushfire Survivors appeal has been well supported.  Lots of squares sent in to be made into rugs/blankets as well as beanies and animal pouches.  Thanks to everyone who has helped with an item or two.  Our Beanies are being distributed to people in the Whittlesea area and the pouches etc. for wildlife rescue are being used by North East Victoria Wildlife Rescue who are also sharing extras with other similar organisations.  We have yet to sort out how to get our finished rugs to the right people.  There are lots of stories of items not making it to where they are needed (e.g. just being put into warehouses etc.) so until we have someone definate in the affected areas we will wait a while.  The blankets all take time to make up anyway and will be needed as the weather gets colder.

Until next time.....

Happy knitting/crocheting


Posted by Pamela on 25 January, 2009 at 15:38 Comments comments (2)

Hope you are all enjoying this weekend.

It is a special one for me this year because I was nominated for Australian of the Year!!!   I am still in shock but it must be true because I have a certificate that says so.... of the Year nomination certificate.pdf

We had a lovely Christmas/New Year and now it's hard to believe we are almost at the end of January already!!  Where does the time go?

Our new kitchen and wardrobes are proving to be problems!  Well not them so much but the cabinet maker :( we are in for more fights this week about the quality of his work.

The idea was to upgrade the kitchen and bedrooms to add appeal to our house - it's still on the market - and also to make life a little easier especially in the kitchen.  We have changed over the large drawers instead of cupboards -- they are just great.  No more crawling on the floor to find something that has worked it's way to the back of the bottom shelf of a cupboard!!!

In amongst all the rubble I have been inundated with wool of all descriptions -- balls and balls of it.  I will give a lot away to be made up into items for charity, use some for competition prizes and use some myself.  One lot was 4 balls of Moda Dea Wild!  it is the softest yarn I have ever used.  I tried making a Chemo Cap but it is too soft for that so instead of doing the decreasing for the top of the cap I continued on until the piece was 18cm(7") deep, cast of loosely and made it into a neck warmer.  It will make up into the warmest of scarves too.

When I think back I have done quite a lot of knitting and crochet since arriving home from holidays - 2 beanies with matching fingerless gloves, 1 childs jumper, a childs poncho with matching hat, 20 gecko pocket pets, 2 beanies, the neck warmer (of course) and I've started knitting up oddments into a dog blanket.  Not bad for an oldie 

Oh and we went to see the movie AustraliA on Friday -- we loved it!

Amost Christmas

Posted by Pamela on 16 December, 2008 at 23:14 Comments comments (0)

and I am going on holidays tomorrow  YAY!!!

Well, I tell a lie because I still take my work with me :(  If I left it for 3 weeks it would take me 6 months to catch up so much easier to do a little each day -- keep on top of things.

We will be spending Christmas with DH's cousins in Bendigo.  So looking forward to seeing them again and also catching up with some of our knit4charities group members while I am there.

I am just so organised!!!  Normally I am running around at the last minute throwing things in my case but not today --- all done!!  I just so cant believe it that I am going to go and recheck to make sure I have everything  LOL

I am taking some pure wool to make more pouches for wildlife rescue along with some 8ply acrylic and new patterns I want to try.  One is a cuff to cuff childs jacket which looks easy and interesting.  I have a couple of different slipper patterns that I also want to try for the nursing homes we are supporting in 2009.

Recently I have been busily making pouches of various sizes from tiny palm size up to pillowcase size for Joey's, birds nest and..... crocheting little gecko's as Pocket Pets for boys.  They are so cute!  I sent my 2 grandsons one each for Christmas and I am waiting to hear what they think of them.  I am looking for a similar pattern for girls.  I found a gingerbread girl and boy that I will try after I get back from holidays.  I also have a cat and a pig pattern that might be OK too. 

I love trying new things and getting new ideas especially for traumatised children.  Lots of people think it is too hot to knit in summer but there are loads of things to make from cotton for example that are easier to handle.  When I am knitting with baby wool in summer I continually dust my hands with baby powder -- stops the yarn from sticking and makes the garments smell like a baby.

I would like to wish everyone who reads this a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  If you are travelling drive safely! 

I hope you will join me again in 2009

Happy knitting!!    Pamela


Too busy to blog

Posted by Pamela on 10 November, 2008 at 14:35 Comments comments (3)

Well that's my excuse!!

Since I last posted an entry my DH has been in hospital having his hip replaced.  An amazing operation that seems to remove the pain along with the damaged joint.  This is what is taking up all my time -- assisting him with the things he cant do because he's not allowed to bend his hip joint more than 90 degrees.  And, of course making sure he does all his physio exercises, going to appointments etc etc.

I did get some knitting done while sitting at the hospital - let's see I made a couple of cute little baby shrugs.  The pattern is called Confection Baby Shrug and you can find it here  8ply yarn with 4.5mm needles works fine for us Aussies :)

I also made a baby blanket using the diagonal square pattern, some baby mittens and bootees.  The bootees are Bev's Snuggle Booties  The easiest, cutest booties I have ever made.  Use whatever yarn you have with the appropriate sized needles.  If I use 3 or 4ply I make the larger size, they are a good size for premmies.

The other item I made was an Angel Pouch, a crochet pattern that I printed off years ago and can no longer find on the Internet -- sorry I cant share it with you here.  In October we supported an organisation called SANDS (Stillborn and Neonatal Death Support) - sad knitting and crocheting but so very much in need.  The baby blanket was going to them too.

My yahoo group has a write up in Yarn Magazine's blog.  If you would like to take a peek here's the link 

So what are my next projects you may well ask  <<big grin>>  I want to work out a pattern for a neckwarmer/snood ready to make for the homeless for next winter.  Then I will be using up some 5ply pure wool making possum/joey pouches and birds nests for wildlife rescue -- we are supporting them in December.  Mindless knitting or crocheting I call it so will probably find something more interesting to do in the meantime.

Christmas is just around the corner as they say - only 44 more sleeps (if my maths are right).  If you are looking for a special something for a friend or relative who is a knitter dont forget my book The Gift of Giving.  The book plus a couple of balls of yarn and needles is a great gift under $20.   If you dont have the book yourself perhaps you could put it on your wish list for someone to buy for you :)

Till next time - Happy knitting!


All Squared Out

Posted by Pamela on 4 October, 2008 at 13:55 Comments comments (5)

8 rugs finish and still more squares to put together   They are all packed up ready to send off to various charities. 

I played around with one of them adding a band that extends beyond the width of the rug, put in some button holes and buttons -- voila -- a wheelchair lapghan.  It secures around the waist to stop it from falling off.  This one is going to a nursing home!

I'll definately be making more of these :)

knit4charities group has a special project going this month too.  We are knitting or crocheting breast prostheses for mastectomy survivors.  The project is called Operation Bosom Buddies.  I have made 4 bosom's for this project.  Might get a few more done yet, they are fun to make and so much appreciated by the receivers as they are soft and light to wear.

I am in the process of trying to use up boxes of knitting machine wool that kind people have given me.  I dusted off the old knitting machine, oiled it up and read up the instructions  -- yep it's amazing how easy it is to forget!!!   Anyway, I am making cat/dog rugs for animal rescue.  They are easy - just a long strip of knitting folded in half and sewn together.  My dog has had one of these rugs for 6 years now, they wash up and wear well -- great for puppies who scratch around.

Gosh I didn't realise how busy I've been -- crocheted squares, soap saver bags, monster sock puppets all managed to get made as well as booties and mittens.  Did I really have time to do all that!!!

Time to put my feet up and have a cuppa!


Posted by Pamela on 26 August, 2008 at 15:23 Comments comments (0)

34 Beanies -- My challenge to myself -- all done!!!

Finished last night at 8pm -- just made it.

Can you tell I am happy!!

These will be sent off to the Hutt St Centre in Adelaide in the next few days.

What will I do now??  

Sew up squares perhaps -- I only have 240 waiting to be done!!