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It's About Time

Posted by Pamela on 29 July, 2008 at 14:48 Comments comments (0)

Well I have been on holidays!!  Not that I am making excuses  but I must admit I am not the worlds best blogger --- more likely the worlds worst!

Holidays were wonderful, we had the best of weeks with our grandchildren at the Gold Coast.  Beautiful warm sunny days, then the day we left the unit it started to rain and got very cold.  Someone up there was watching over us for that week!!

Then just a few days after we gave the kids back to their parents we got news to say one of our dearest friends had lost his battle with cancer.  We still had another 3 weeks of holiday planned but it wasn't a very hard decision to cancel them and head down to Victoria for the funeral. 

All things happen for a reason they say!  Well in our case this is very true.  My hubby has had 2 total knee replacements and while we were away he started getting a lot of pain in the one most recently done.  By the time we finally arrived home (about 10 days before originally planned) he was on crutches.  In the past couple of days he has managed to get an appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon and have an ultrasound done on his knee.  If we hadnt come home when we did I think we would still be waiting for appointments and my dear hubby would be in terrible pain.  Now we just have to hope the luck holds out and he gets an early appointment for an operation to clean things up in his knee.

This week I issued a challenge to the knit4charities group members to knit or crochet a mans beanie by the end of August.  Our Charity of the Month in August is really a variety of different organisations because August is our Remembrance Month so we are knitting in memory of a lost loved one.  I am knitting beanies in memory of my nephew who died in a drowning accident in May -- I hope to personally make 34 one for each year of his life. 

In between beanies, I have been knitting bootee and mitten sets, chemo turbans and a few rows of dh's vest! 

I must admit I had 3 weeks break from knitting - had no inclination at all to pick up needles or a hook for that matter - but now I am back into it again with a vengeance!

One thing for sure --- it is great knitting weather --- miserably cold here today!!!  

Happy knitting 


Up up and Away

Posted by Pamela on 20 June, 2008 at 16:08 Comments comments (0)

Almost ready to head off on holidays --- YAY!!!

This week has been very hectic -- loads of enquiries about how and where to donate items and loads of donations given to me to distribute.  I managed to send 4 big bags of items away to a Shelter in Hobart, two in Adelaide, and one in Northern NSW as well as a bag of cat blankets for the Animal Welfare League of SA and toys for our own RSPCA here.

Boy do i wish I could get someone to sponsor my postage costs!!!

Now the question is what do I take away with me to knit??  Hopefully I will have lots of time after our week with the 4 ankle biters (oops, shouldn't talk about our grandchildren like that should I :)   Our Charity of the Month projects for July give me a lot of items to choose from -- think it will be turbans, beanies and baby clothes this time.  I also have 2 vests on the needles for my dh (who thinks I will never get them finished!!!) That should keep me busy for a couple of weeks :)  One good thing about being in civilization will be yarn shops to visit -- all we have here is BigW -- not very exciting at all.

I'm off to check my stash...............till next time, Happy knitting everyone :)


Where has the time gone?

Posted by Pamela on 31 May, 2008 at 15:13 Comments comments (0)

I really am going to have to get my act together and post more entries on this blog!!  Never having been a keen diary keeper though, I must admit, I find it hard to write about myself and my activities.

What have I been up to?  Well I guess the most exciting thing that has happened recently is that my application to join Ravelry was approved.  What a mine of crafty information there is to be had there.  If you are interested in being part of this website you will need to put your name down on the waiting list at -- it is well worth the wait.

I never stop knitting or crocheting so my charity items keep mounting up.  This month (May) I have made lots of baby items - jackets, hats, booties, mittens - plus crocheted together squares to make a rug for an aged care home along with bed socks, knee warmers and a bed cape.  Then on top of all that I have made some beanies and jumpers for children.  Keeps me busy :)

I am also knitting my dear husband a vest - all cable and twists - a Bendigo Woollen Mills pattern (and wool).  I have almost finished the back -- it's slow going because I keep doing charity items instead of concentrating on the vest!!

A friend sent me some lovely handspun alpaca wool - it is so soft - I have never knitted with handspun wool before.  I will make myself a scarf I think.  I just have to find a worthy pattern and the time to do something for myself.

I had my knitting machine stored away from home but resurrected it last weekend -- I really need to use up the huge supply of 5ply I seem to have accumulated.  Didn't realise I had so much until I had a tidy up -- as soon as I get it set up I hope to be producing some childrens jumpers for starters for our Charity of the Month projects.

It's only 3 weeks until we head up to the Gold Coast for a holiday with my 4 grandchildren.  I cant wait for that as we haven't had any quality time together for 2 years and the cousins probably haven't been together for more than a few hours in that time either.  I actually bought a special suitcase today just to pack my knitting and laptop in -- I figured if I put it all into one Des cant complain about too many bags :) -- cuts them down by 3 at least   LOL

I have a new camera so now I may be able to add some photos of my work to the website and here,  at last!!

Happy knitting,  Pamela                                                                                       Remember Yesterday, Dream about Tomorrow,  Live for Today

Whats happening at knit4charities?

Posted by Pamela on 21 April, 2008 at 13:28 Comments comments (1)

So far 2008 is proving to be a huge year for our group.  Donations have been rolling in, lots of enquiries offering help and loads of new members.  We now have 556 members!

Our Calendar is full to overflowing but we have still found time to help out with some extra Special Projects like the Teddies for the Baby Memorial Day Service in Woollongong.  30+ teddies were donated - after the service these are given to the local hospital and in turn given to new babies born there.

If you have not already done so check out our Calendar  perhaps you would like to join in some of our projects.  You can also see what we have donated so far this year on our 'Charities We Have Helped' page.

Members of knit4charities enjoy participating in extra activities.  Up to a few weeks ago I held a Lucky Member draw each Friday.  Members added their name to a database with the chance to win either a pattern book or yarn.  This is very popular with over 120 members names on the list. 

Three weeks ago, for something different, I started a Treasure Hunt competition.  Each Friday a Clue is posted - members have to solve the clue and at the end of the month will be asked to send all answers to me.  I have 10 or more very nice prizes to give away to the winners.  If there are more correct answers than prizes I will have a lucky draw!  Prizes include Spotlight shopping vouchers and Knitting and Crochet Pattern books.

This week we started a Knit-a-long (KAL).  50 members so far have put there names down to join in.  Each day a few rows of knitting are published - no-one knows exactly what they are making until it is almost finished.  The finished items will be given to charity.  I am sure we will have more of these during the year, they are fun to do!  We will also have some crochet KAL's because we have many members who only crochet.

All in all we are having a wonderful year so far and I am certain it will continue on.  I have already been asked to add some charities to our 2009 Calendar so goodness knows how many we will be supporting next year.  The more the merrier I always say!!  It gives members a wide range of items to choose to make and of course they are free to chose who they do or dont support.  Everything we do is voluntary with the emphasis on Happy Knitting or Crochet or Looming!!!



What a Month!!

Posted by Pamela on 9 April, 2008 at 14:02 Comments comments (0)

Very eventful is the best way to describe it.  A couple of days before Easter we (hubby, Ralph the dog and me) drove over to Bendigo, mainly to visit family and friends but also to see the Bendigo Easter Parade.  What a wonderful 2 weeks we had!! 

There were some very special highlights.  Apart from visiting a very dear friend that I had never met in person, just been emailing through our group, the most outstanding would have been the day I spent with 8 other knit4charities members.  We talked, laughed, ate, knitted and generally just throughly enjoyed each others company.  It was wonderful to put faces to names at long last and to spend time together.  We ended our day with a visit to the Bendigo Woollen Mills -- more yarn was bought by all -- none of us really needed any but how can you resist the temptation!!!

We had another great day - at least I did - we travelled up to Wangaratta and I visited the Mills there.  Talk about knitters heaven!!!   I met Carol who runs the Bargain Shop and  from whom I have been buying yarn by mail order for several years.  She is a gem!!  Just as nice in person as on the phone and ever so helpful.  I had $100 to spend for the oldies at Aruma Lodge, one of our local Aged Care Facilities.  Amazingly enough just after I left the Mills I received a phone call from them to say they had lots of donations for me to pick up.  I in turn told them about the yarn I had just purchased ---- it was excitement all round!!

When I eventually arrived back home I went to pick up the donations and deliver the yarn.  There were an amazing 214 items for me to distribute and they in turn were extremely happy with the amount of yarn they got for their money. 

The Easter Parade was wonderful too.  Those fantastic Chinese Dragons really made the day!  Lots of noise and colour.  Unfortunately my camera decided to die that day and I missed some wonderful photos.  I did take some with my Phone but although OK, they are not anywhere near as good as they could have been.

Knitwise I have been busy too.  While away I knitted 6 turbans, 2 scarves and a baby jacket.  These have all been sent off to various charities along with the bag full of Chemo Headware I took to Bendigo for some hospitals in Melbourne.  One of these days I will start keeping count of what I make -- it's not that important to me though -- just as long as I can keep knitting or crocheting and sending it to someone in need I am happy!

At yesterdays count we have distributed over 15,400 items and our membership has risen to 542.  Lots of new members in this past month which is wonderful -- the more the merrier I say.

Happy knitting!!


Lost Weekend

Posted by Pamela on 12 March, 2008 at 12:51 Comments comments (0)

St Pat's Race Day (weekend) is a huge event in Broken Hill.  It's just one long party from Friday to Sunday 

Friends arrived from South Australia on Friday afternoon an it was full-on from then until they left on Monday morning.  Friday night is Games Nite where they run the race Calcutta and have lots of gambling on other games --- I cant tell you what because I dont know not being a gambler!!  Saturday is race day - the bus picked us up at 11am and dropped us back home at 6pm.  Big Day!  My hubby backed 2 winners and also picked up $20 off the ground so he had a winning day     but......... it was so hot!!!  The official temperature was 37 degrees centigrade but out at the race track it would have been well over 40.  Luckily we were in an airconditioned marquee that I only left once all day -- to come home.

Sunday is Recovery Day out at Silverton (25klm out of town).  Silverton is well known for the movies that have been made out there --- the Mad Max Series, Priscilla Queen of the Desert etc. etc.   Everyone congregates at the Pub and the party goes on!!  Probably around 3000 people gather there and have a wonderful time.  Another very very hot day (in more ways than one, I might add ) -- I am the designated driver and very pleased to be in that position -- I wouldn't like to have the hangover that most of the patrons would have on Monday morning......OUCH!!!!

Anyway, if ever you get the chance to come to Broken Hill try to make it around St Pat's weekend - 2 weeks before Easter every year.  I guarantee you will have a great time!!

YAY!!!!!  I finished my BIG rug last night.   64 squares crochet together with a crochet edge around them all to finish it off  - it measures 150cm X 150cm.  Boy am I glad that is finished -- it was a real chore doing it in this hot weather.  I will be posting it off to Calare Nursing Home in Orange tomorrow along with 2 smaller rugs.  One I also made and the other was donated by a friend.

Now I am on to easier knitting -- beanies, chemo caps, turbans etc for our March projects.  Yesterday I picked up a gorgeous baby jacket pattern from our local Op Shop so that may  inspire me to do some baby knitting as well.  But for now it will be something small and cool (if you can call knitting cool) until the weather is kinder to us. 

Until next time ................ enjoy what you do and do it with joy!!


Catching up..........again

Posted by Pamela on 2 March, 2008 at 13:30 Comments comments (0)

I always seem to be falling behind!!!!

Not to worry, I am here now 

We (I) had a couple of days off last week.  We went over to White Cliffs to our dugout/Opal mine to do some repairs after the rain and wind storms they had there recently.  Water got in through the door and caused a bit of a mess -- nothing too drastic though thank goodness -- it had all dried up by the time we arrived.  The carport was blown down with the wind but we just pulled it all down completely and will re-build it next time we are over that way. 

I took knitting with me (of course) -- managed to knit up 2 scarves and start a third.  I finished that one yesterday and also made the last ball of yarn into a beanie.  This yarn was given to me by Wangaratta Mills and I have been avoiding it for almost a year now.  It is lovely, bright colours but horrible to knit with because it just frays away if you aren't careful. 
All used up now though -- I had 20 balls of it in two different colours -- that made up into 6 scarves and 1 beanie.

Seems every time I turn around someone needs more help so I am busy trying to spread my knitting between half a dozen different causes at the moment.  My spare single bed is covered with finished items that I will pack up and post off this week.  Items ranging from rugs to tiny premmie items.  When I look at them I wonder how I had the time to make them all --- I must have though!!!! 

What's next ??  I still have another rug to finish off -- the squares are crochet together in stripes now I just have to crochet those strips together and work an edge around it all.  Perhaps I will start on a Burial Set next - I haven't made one of them for ages and there is a huge need out there.  Then it will be beanies and chemo caps for our Charity of the Month projects. 

There has been a hitch to all my plans -- we were heading off to Bendigo for Easter planning on spending a couple of weeks over that way visiting family, meeting group members and spending some money at the Bendigo and Wangaratta Mills and Spotlight.  Not so---- I have been called up for Jury Duty starting on March 17 - Easter week ---- can you believe it!!!  Our holiday may have to be put on hold for a few weeks :( 

Till next time.........Happy knitting!!

Busy month

Posted by Pamela on 13 February, 2008 at 14:11 Comments comments (2)

I didn't realise that it is almost a month since my last posting.  That time has gone incredibly fast!!!

Well during that time I have sorted and delivered the donations for Broken Hill all 523 of them!!  These were shared between the RSPCA, Ambulance Service, Fire Brigade, Police, many areas of the Hospital and Maari Ma our Aboriginal Health Service. 

I had intended for some toys to go to the RFDS but when I took a bag full to the Ambulance Service and found that they had no cuddly items at all for children I decided to give them an extra bag.  As it turned out I did find out that the RFDS are inundated with donations of trauma teddies so my decision was well justified.  For the life of me I cannot understand why these services dont share their items!!!   The Ambo's had been giving children stethescopes and penlights to play with --- not very cuddly when you are feeling pretty crook!!! 

The same thing was happening at the Police and Fire Brigade --- no toys at all for traumatised children.  Yet the RFDS has more than they will ever use.

Makes you wonder!!!

All of our donations were welcomed with open arms.  I just hope we can continue to help those in need in some small way in the future. 

In the past week our membership has toppled over 500 and our donations amounted to 13,000+   I still have trouble believing this is all happening and that I started it!!!   The members of my group are some of the most wonderful, kind, generous people in the world.

My knitting has been a bit irratic this month.  I have been trying to use up odd balls of yarn so bought a 10mm crochet hook and started crocheting animal blankets with 3 strands of yarn together.  Made 3 so far crocheted and knitted another 2. 

In the donations for BH I received the cutest little Cuddle Bunny rugs and I am totally hooked on them :)  They take no time at all to knit, so easy! Here's a link to the pattern  They will be wonderful to donate to hospitals for New Babies.

The next job I have to do is start sewing up squares ---- can you tell it is my least favourite job!!!  I am always moaning about doing them.  But.....tomorrow the BH Members are having a Knit and Natter so that is what I will be taking along to do.  Maybe I will be able to get some help --- if I ask nicely LOL

Until next time................Happy knitting

Opening Day!!

Posted by Pamela on 17 January, 2008 at 14:46 Comments comments (1)

Yesterday 2 of my fellow members and myself spent the morning opening all of the donations I have received from our December Charity of the Month project which was knitting for Broken Hill.

There were over 50 parcels and hundreds of items.  Each member is only required to make 1 item but 99% of them made more than one.  Beautiful, beautiful knitting, crochet and looming.  Gorgeous colours too!! 

I now have the huge task of sorting them all and allocating them to various causes around the city.  There are items for the RSPCA, the Hospital (baby, childrens, oncology, palliative care and trauma units), the Police, Ambulance, FireBrigade, the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service), and the Flying Padre, and last but not least our Far West Aboriginal Health Service.  I will add photos of each lot before I deliver them.

The weather has cooled somewhat this week -- much more pleasant for craft work.  The cotton cat blanket I started to crochet last week got frogged --- I decided to knit it instead.  So far I have finished 2 and still have a big box of leftover cotton to use up.  They knit up quickly and are nice and soft so hopefully the kittens/cats will like them.  Maybe I will crochet one next time but I need to go buy a larger size hook first -- the one I have just isn't big enough for using the 4strands of yarn together.

I probably should be working on something other than cat blankets but I really have the urge to get rid of all this cotton!!   Then maybe I will start on the other yarn leftovers  LOL

Until next time...............Happy knitting!



Finished at last!!

Posted by Pamela on 9 January, 2008 at 14:12 Comments comments (1)

those Shoulder Shawls!!  I was not happy with the first one -- just didn't sit right to my liking.

So I played with the pattern a bit and knitted another one!

Of course nothing goes smoothly does it.  I ran out of yarn on the second one.  I had a feeling I would so I worked both the fronts at the same time and was then able to finish them off with some contrasting Feathers.  I picked up the stitches around the neck and worked a few rows more with the feathers just to finish it off and instead of a button used ribbon for ties.

This is an easy pattern to knit but I dont think I will be making any more until the weather cools down a bit.  In our current temps of around 40 degrees it's too hot, even under the AirCon, to have the bulk of it sitting in your lap.  They will be wonderful for Nursing Homes!!

I have been using up some yarn that was given to me by Wangaratta Mills, knitting scarves this week.  I had 2 bags of the yarn which although is colourful and soft is not easy to knit with.  One bag yielded 3 scarves!  I will take a break from this yarn before attempting the 2nd bag 

While sitting in the Dr's surgery waiting for Des the other day I crocheted 2 little headbands.  Very simple pattern again, and they will be great for little girls in Shelters.  I will write out the pattern properly and add it to the Simple Patterns page soon.

In December our group knitted for the people of Broken Hill and the parcels have been arriving daily.  I am inviting 3 fellow members from here to come over for an 'Opening Day' at the end of this week.  I am so looking forward to seeing all of the items that have been made and sorting them out for the different charities.

At the moment I am using up some old 4ply knitting cotton and making cat blankets.  I have 4 strands together with a large crochet hook (5mm I think) - crocheted enough chain to measure 65cm and I am just doing rows of half treble (half dc if you come from the USA) until I get a square shape.  Great way to use up bits and pieces - when you run out of one colour just join in another --- the cats aren't fussy about the colour -- all they want is a soft rug to sleep on.

That's my week so far!  Hope yours has been happy and crafty!!