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Bushfire Appeal

After the horrific fires in Victoria in 2009, collections were organised to help provide much needed item for those who lost homes as well as wildlife rescue groups caring for injured animals.


Special Project (delivered to Flowerdale via Christine in Yea). 525 items donated -

15 Children: Jumper & Hat sets

27 Cardigans/Jumpers

1 Gloves

10 Mittens

10 Slippers

3 Helmets

10 Soft toys

17 Beanie/Mitten sets

85 Beanies

2 Scarves

12 Adult Avon makeup sets

41 Scarves

8 Gloves/Hand warmers

66 Beanies

186 Yarn balls


Special Project Wrap With Love Squares Challenge (delivered via Ericka). 230 squares donated -

The squares were made up into 8 blankets (28 squares in each) by Ericka with 6 squares remaining to be passed on to Wrap With Love


Special Project Pouches (delivered to Narelle at Vic Wildlife Rescue by Jennie)

37 Pouches


Special Project Beanies (delivered by Lynette to the Whittlesea area) 382 items donated -

368 Beanies

14 Pairs bed socks


Special Project, Squares, Toys, Possum Pouches (delivered by Dawn to various areas) 245 items donated -

168 Squares to make 6 blankets

42 Toys

35 Possum pouches