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Capricorn Animal Aid Rockhampton

CAA works with all sectors of the community providing advice and taking in animals in need when owners are in dire circumstances e.g. hospitalised or have died, rehoming pets into loving homes.


February Charity of the Month. 11 members donated 41 items –

11 Med large dog coats

4 Med dog coats

14 Small dog coats

10 Blankets

2 Wrist key lanyards


February Charity of the Month. 22 members donated 142 items -

48 Small dog coats

2 Large dog coats

6 Medium dog coats

12 Dog pulls

4 Balls

Liver cookies

24 Rugs

15 Toys

24 Mice

1 Shark

1 8k bag dog food

4 Packs Whiskas cat food


April Charity of the Month. 18 members donated 94 items -

35 Dog coats

33 Dog rugs

1 Cat rug

10 Tugs

4 Spiders

8 Balls

2 Mice

1 Dog bed