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Citicare Brisbane Festival of Hope

Citicare aim to provide a multifaceted range of unique and compassionate services that offer hope and opportunity to those facing personal challenges and hardship.


September Charity of the Month. 15 members donated 133 items plus some sample toiletries and some 2nd hand toys -

1 Knitted hot water cover

15 Crocheted/knitted face clothes

2 Crocheted top tea towels

1 Pk with face washer, hand towel, soap bag

1 Girl’s crocheted summer top

30 Decorated coat-hangers

1 Pair child’s slippers

4 Pairs booties

1 Crocheted dish cloth

1 Girl’s shoulder bag

1 Baby cardigan

1 Baby dress

3 Child vests

1 Tea towel with decorated ring (for hanging)

2 Knitted soap bags

2 Crocheted/knitted knee rugs

2 Crocheted top hand towels

1 Baby jacket

1 Crochet cotton baby sun hat

2 Crochet cotton baby sun dresses

14 Knitted toys

7 Scarves

7 Adult beanies

1 Baby vest

2 Child cardigans

1 Beret

1 Toddler sunhat

1 Female headband

5 Baby sleeveless jumpers

2 Pairs track pants

6 Pairs socks

6 New baby body suits

1 New girls t-shirt

4 New face-washers