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Helen Matthews

I am a member of Tanilba Bay/Lemon Tree Passage CWA - our branch is supporting the Australian Outback Baby Project by knitting and crocheting clothing, blankets, etc to donate. We also donate left over yarn and other baby items to assist this project.

Joan Denison

I am amazed at your hard work. I'm at the start ho a huge project. I'm organizing 500 beanies for the homeless of Melbourne. Salvos will distribute, with food . I need your advice how to get it going. Thank you again. For your great work. Joan

Terri, Dog Rescue Newcastle

Dear Knitters and Crocheters,

Thank you very, very much for your wonderful donation of dog coats and blankets! We rescue dogs from pounds and put them into foster homes until we find permanent homes for them. Thanks to you, more of our dogs will have cozy coats and blankets to keep them warm this winter. Many of our dogs have suffered from neglect and mistreatment, I'm sure they will feel the love which you've knitted into your stitches! We are very grateful for your very generous donation.

Terri :)

Knit4Charities Inc

Thank you Terri, nice to know our donations will be put to such good use. Hope we can help again in the future.


Knit4Charities Inc

We love supporting you all at Dog Rescue Newcastle. We have a lot of animal lovers in our group so it's not hard to do at all :) Keep up the great work you do!


Thank you for a great site. My local Jenny Craig centre asked their clients if they would like to knit rug squares for the charity Wrap with love. I willingly volunteered and actually lost weight whilst knitting and doing no other form of active exercise. Didn't have time to visit the pantry, to busy knitting. The project has now come to an end and I am still wanting to knit for a charitable cause. Your site has truly motivated me to keep my fingers knitting. Thank you.


wonderful group i would reccomend to anyone

marcelle daniels

it is a great to have one site that supports so many causes and that is Australian

Colleen Fletcher

I do enjoy knitting especially on a cold winter's evening and would like to put my skills to good use.

Your site seems to be well organised and I feel I will be happy being one of your number. Many Thanks


Many thanks for the free rug patterns I found here - ideal for a local charity project I'm about to be involved in. I'm sure to return for more inspiration and hints. Your generosity is wonderful - keep up the great work and kindness to others. :)

sheryll prowse

I think your group does the most amazing work and it is wonderful to see their generosity. The items they make must be appreciated by so many in need.

A fantastic effort.


I love your site. I hope that it is ok but i want to put a link on my site to your site my site is Thanks

Paula Willson

Hi Pamela,

Just love your site. Well done on such a wonderful group. I also love your daily emails. You give my inbox a reason to live! Bless you for the wonderful work you are doing for your community.:)