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Hutt Street Shelter

Hutt St Centre is a place of hope and opportunity, helping people facing homelessness to rebuild their lives, without judgement.


May Charity of the Month with RuFus Adelaide, 28 members donated 310 items -

162 Beanies

10 Rugs/blankets

21 Scarves

52 Pairs of socks

58 Pairs of gloves (fingerless, full fingered and mittens)

4 Crochet squares

1 Packet of Bic disposable razors

1 Tube of After Shave Balm

1 Tube of Shave Cream


February Charity of the Month combined with RuFus Adelaide, 28 members donated 227 items. Hutt Street Centre = 173 items -

151 Beanies

19 Pairs gloves/mittens

3 Scarves


August Charity of the Month. 119 Members made a total of 602 items in memory of lost loved ones. Hutt St Centre in Adelaide 513 items -


July Charity of the Month. 348 items were donated by 41 members

We gave 250 items to Hutt St but because some were not suitable for them (they are a Male shelter) gave the remaining 98 items to a Refugee centre and a Women’s shelter in Adelaide. Included were beanies, scarves, rugs, and women’s and children’s clothing.