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Masonic Care Cairns

Masonic Care cares for a range of aged care needs with specialist dementia care, respite care and palliative care in a comfortable, private and secure environment.


January Charity of the Month. 21 members donated 89 items -

52 Pairs bed socks

10 Pairs knee warmers

3 Neck warmers

1 Beanie (to match bed socks)

1 Hot water bottle cover

22 Blankets/lapghans


February Charity of the Month. 23 members donated 89 items -

35 Pairs bed socks

8 Pairs long bed socks

1 Wheelchair wrap

4 Wheelchair lapghans

8 Lapghans

25 Pairs knee warmers

4 Walker frame tote bags

2 Pairs fingerless gloves

1 Pair wrist warmers

1 Slot thru scarf


May Charity of the Month. 13 members donated 48 items -

1 Lapghan for wheelchairs

1 Soap holder

1 Walking frame tote bag

2 Tissue holders

2 Pairs knee warmers

2 Pairs fingerless gloves/hand warmers

3 Neck warmers

3 Bed jackets/capes

4 Beanies

8 Lapghans/rugs

19 Pairs bed socks/slippers