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Pamela's profile

Female, 64 years old

Broken Hill, NSW


Member since: Oct 29, 2004

About me

I am the creator of the knit4charities group. I love to help people and find great satisfaction in donating my craft work to charity.

My name is Pamela, I live in Broken Hill - farwestern NSW. I moved here in June 2004 with my husband Des and our little Tenterfield Terrier, Ralph. I am a mother, mother-in-law and grandmother - also step-mother/in-law/grandmother and great grandmother to Des's family. We are very proud of our family and love them all dearly.

I have always loved to knit and crochet and have been doing so since I was a child. My Mum taught me early - she always had some needles or a hook in her hands making something for someone!

I started donating to charity when my girlfriends daughter gave birth to twin girls. One of them only lived 3 months and her mother had awful trouble finding clothes to bury her in. She has always regretted having to dress her in dolls clothes so I started making Burial Gown Sets and donating them to the hospitals. This has progressed on to premmie garments that are used in the NICU and Special Care Nurseries - jackets, hats, bootees, mittens and rugs.

Since starting the knit4charities group in August 2004 I have donated to a huge variety of charities including Cancer patients at PeterMac in Melbourne and other Cancer Hospitals, various groups that help the Homeless and Victims of Domestic Violence, animal rescue groups and many others. There is so much being sent overseas, the people of Australia tend to be forgotten, so through this group I am trying to remind others that there is also a great need, for warm clothing in particular, here in our own country

The rug I am holding is made up of 63 squares made by members of our group, sewn together by me, and donated to StreetSwags who auctioned the rug at a fundraising Ball -- it raised just under $1000 for their very needy cause.

interests                           I love knitting and crocheting. Reading, travelling, meeting people.

favorite music                 Anything country! Slim Dusty, and most Australian Country Music Singers.

favorite tv shows            Documentaries mainly, anything about animals.

favorite movies               Not into Movies

favorite games                Word games really get me thinking. Card games are fun too.

favorite books                 I read anything with a good story line especially murder and mayhem. Lee Childs, Robert Goddard, Minnette Walters, etc.

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