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Special Projects

From time to time Members ask for help donating items to others outside of our Charity of the Month projects. We can all find time to make just one more item but the more we can donate the better so maybe you can help us if these Special Projects happen in your local area.

If you would like to help any of the following charities/projects please contact me for more details [email protected]

Rockhampton - Womens Shelter and/or Hospital

If you live in the Rockhampton area and would like to donate to charity please consider giving to either of these two very needy causes.

Items needed for the Shelter - beanies, scarves, bedocks, blankets (adult and child size) and toys

For the Hospital - beanies in all sizes from tiny baby to adult, mittens, socks, booties, tops for children with wider than normal armholes to allow for IV paddles to fit through, small baby crib blankets and larger cot size blankets for older children.

Please email me for more details regarding contacts and delivery.

Chemo Caps -- Christie's Story

Recently we have had a lot of requests, from various hospitals, for Chemo Caps. This prompted one of our members to tell us about her Daughter Christie and her quest to find comfortable headwear when she was receiving Chemo treatment.

Chemo Hats - brochure.pdf Tells Christie's story and shows you the beautiful headwear she has created for sale.

If you know of anyone in a similar situation you might like to print off the brochure and pass it on to them.

You may also like to knit or crochet a chemo cap or 2 and offer it to your local hospital Oncology unit.

Care for Street Kids

This organisation operates in the Illawarra area and is run by Borge Rassmussen. His group of volunteers have a couple of vans that run around the area and basically help anyone in need. They can distribute anything from tiny baby clothes to adult sizes, blankets/rugs and toys. If you can help them in any way please contact Borge by phoning (02) 4226 5770

Monster Puppet Socks

Check out My Simple Patterns for the pattern for these fun socks and make a few for your local hospital. The children can play with them, wear them and take them home. This is not a Special Project as such just something that we can all do to make a child's stay in hospital more fun.