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3 most popular ways to be involved....

To have access to all of our projects and information ....

1. Join our Yahoo Group (link below) (preferred)

We work to a Projects Calendar called Charity of the Month (CotM). You can view the Calendar from our website and choose what you would like to make and for whom. You just work at your own pace and donate when you are able. You can make items from the wish list of the charities or you can simply make what you enjoy making and when a charity comes along that needs that item then you can donate.

As well as the CotM projects we run extra collections for smaller charities or those who only require a specific number of a particular item. These collections (Challenges) often run over a few months and you can send your items whenever you wish as opposed to the CotM's that have to be sent by a certain date.

Everything is done via databases. Members add their details to the database of the charity they wish to support and on the 25th of each month I give out the mailing addresses and the details for the following months collections. Then you have approx. 2 weeks to get your donation sent away.

We're a friendly lot - there is always someone available to help with a pattern or advice or just a chat. We also have social get togethers in various areas mostly on a monthly basis that you might be interested in attending. A friendly cuppa and chat!!

There is so much to gain from being a Yahoo group member, like access to our pattern files and links to websites with free patterns and just to browse through our photo gallery is worth joining for. It all probably sounds a bit daunting but once you get into it you will find that it's easy and there is always help on hand if you get a bit lost.

If you choose this option and would like to use your current email address to receive messages let me know and I will send you an Invitation to Join, however you will still need to set up a Yahoo ID, (if you dont already have one) during the process of joining so that you can sign in to access the members pages.

2. Join our Non Members Mailing List

If joining the Yahoo group does not suit you, I do have a special mailing list for non members where I send the email on the 25th of each month. If you have something to donate to our projects all you then need to do is let me know what one and the date you post your donation so that I can add your name to the relevant database and the collector knows to expect a parcel from you.

3. Send items to Pam for distribution when you have something to contribute

If you would simply like to make whatever you are happy making without any particular charity in mind then I am more than happy for you to post them to me and I will distribute them when and where they are needed.

You can view our Calendar and our Current Projects on our website if you need some idea of what is needed, however, I will accept any items as there is always someone somewhere in need of handmade, warm garments.

Let me know if you are not happy to post and we can work something out. Postage details given on request.

Submit the Contact Us form

Kind regards,


Before choosing a garment to make and after you have completed it, ask yourself these questions. If the answer is NO then that garment is not suitable to be given to our collections.

  1. Is my garment what is requested by the charity, neatly finished to the standards required by Knit4Charities - appropriate pattern, flat seams, secure joins (where yarn has had to be joined) and ends securely sewn in?
  2. Would I wear this garment - proudly, in public?
  3. If it's not my style or colour, would I give it to a family member or friend - would they wear it?
  4. Perhaps it's a garment for a person of the opposite sex or for a child/baby or an animal - am I happy to gift this garment?


All items can be Knitted, Crocheted or Sewn - following is a list of items that are always wanted...

  • BEANIES - larger sizes and dark colours for men - women's and children's are needed but in lesser numbers.
  • CHEMO HATS -- Soft, seamless hats with no lacy pattern over the head (must not be able to see scalp) for both women and men - no green colours please.
  • SCARVES or COWLS - dark colours for men at least 180cm long or cowls
  • FINGERLESS GLOVES - child to adult sizes
  • BLANKETS or SQUARES - single bed or throw rug size blankets in darker colours for homeless people. 25cm squares for making up blankets.
  • TOYS - Teddies, or any other toys you like to make
  • DOG COATS - all sizes
  • ANIMAL BLANKETS - all sizes