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Uniting Communities Adelaide

Uniting Communities work to build a strong and supportive community to help people realise their potential and live the best life they can.


April Charity of the Month. 38 members donated 737 items -

2 Teen scarf

74 Scarf

5 Cowl

65 Child jumper

12 Teen jumper

1 Teen jumper/beanie set

9 Child cardigan

2 Child hoodie

149 Child beanie

225 Teen beanie

2 Cowl/beanie set

4 Beret

5 Hat/scarf set

2 Child poncho

4 Teen beanie

1 Child jumper and mittens set

1 Child jumper and beret set

3 Child jumper and beanie set

15 T shirt

6 Mittens

1 Gloves

5 Hat/fingerless gloves set

46 Bedsocls/slippers

1 Patchwork bag

1 Trackie top/pants set

23 Lap rug

5 Small blanket

49 Soft toys