No-one is too small to make a difference!

Knit4Charities Inc. is an Australian Internet based association of dedicated knitters, crocheters, sewers and other crafters, who give warm clothing and comforting items such as blankets and toys to needy people throughout our Country.

We give our items free of charge to any needy person (or animal) with no discrimination.  If someone is in need and we can help in any way, we do so.

In August, 2004, Pamela Tatt started a Yahoo Group to offer her crafting skills to help others in Australia.  We have since migrated to a more user friendly platform called

Since then she has been joined by many others and in December, 2009 the group was granted Incorporation as an Association by the Australian Government.

Membership of our online  Group, which now constitutes our list of volunteers, has grown to in excess of 1000 like minded crafters, who all self fund their work and post the finished items to various centres around the Country as per our current Charity of the Month Calendar.  

Volunteers also support charities privately, within their local community.  Some of us go out with Food Vans and personally hand out items to those in need, which is a very humbling and heartwarming experience.

Our Volunteers are the most wonderful, generous knitters, crocheters and sewers from across Australia and around the World.  Each and every one supplies their own materials and gives freely of their time to make the most beautiful items.  Most of them are also more than willing to post items to our Charity of the Month projects all at their own expense.

The aim of the Knit4Charities Inc. is to share ideas and patterns, give support and friendship to fellow volunteers, and together source needy charities around Australia. 

Many friendships have been formed both on and off the Internet.  Regular meetings, or Knit and Natters as we call them, are starting up in various areas.  The list of charities we are supporting is continually growing!

There are many, many organisations who benefit from donations of knitted, crocheted and sewn items - check the list of Charities we have helped

Charity donating can be done anywhere, at any time, and so our principles can be applied to any country in the world.  We welcome interested people from all over the world to join our group.  We are happy to share our ideas to get you started donating within your own community and to share stories, patterns etc. with you.  At present we have members in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa -- all helping to make a difference!

We now have 3 dedicated State Branches who support local charities and have a wonderful network of helpers.  I welcome everyone to join Knit4Charities main group but if you live in South Australia, Western Australia or Tasmania you may also like to join those State groups.

South Australia

Western Australia 


Contact details of these State Managers can be found here

We Aim to.....

  • Give back to our community by using our crafty skills
  • Form friendships, both online and in person, by sharing our ideas.
  • Provide an outlet for Knitters, Crocheters and Sewers to give their garments to people/animals in need.

Love to knit, crochet or sew?

Have no-one to give your garments to?

Would you like to join us?

Find out how HERE

QUEENS BATON RELAY April 1 2018 -- Pam was a proud Queens Baton Bearer, representing all of the Knit4Charities members.  To see the video and photos click HERE

Help us to continue to give to those in need by making a Tax Deductible donation ...... thank you!



- Unisex Mens and ladies beanies and scarves in darker colours.  Traditional Scarves NOT cowls!  Blankets in any colours

- Crocheted or knitted blankets using cotton, acrylic or pure wool 60cm x 60cm. Sewn or quilted blankets 1m x 1m. These items are used in the nursery & often taken home by parents. Werribee has people of many cultures who often arrive with absolutely nothing

- Teddies/animals, dolls, balls, comfort toys  Knit, Crochet, Sewn     Age - New Born to under 3 years - with no plastic eyes, beads or choking hazards   Age 3 years and upwards - dolls, teddies, animals etc Blankets – Girls, Boys & Unisex colours  - Knit, Crochet, Sewn   Bassinet – 70 - 80cm x 100 - 120cm  (prefer not crochet due to little finger can become caught) Cot – 120cm x 150cm or 100 x 120 cm   Pram Blanket – 75cm x 100cm

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are not a member of our Online group and would like to contribute to our Projects, please use the Contact Form

NEWS FLASH - we are now an Ice Yarn Reseller !!!

If you are a lover of Ice Yarn you can now buy directly from us at the same price as you would buy it for from Turkey.
The yarn is still sent to you from Turkey but Knit4Charities receives a small discount that helps our fundraising.
The following link will take you to our yarn shop


All items can be Knitted, Crocheted or Sewn - following is a list of items that are always wanted...

  • BEANIES - larger sizes and dark colours for men - women's and children's are needed but in lesser numbers.

  • CHEMO HATS -- Soft, seamless hats with no lacy pattern over the head (must not be able to see scalp) for both women and men - no green colours please.

  • SCARVES or COWLS - dark colours for men at least 180cm long or cowls

  • FINGERLESS GLOVES - child to adult sizes

  • BLANKETS or SQUARES - single bed or throw rug size blankets in darker colours for homeless people.  25cm squares for making up blankets.

  • TOYS - Teddies, or any other toys you like to make

  • DOG COATS - all sizes

  • ANIMAL BLANKETS - all sizes




2006  1,537 items
2007  5,820
2008  7,492
2009  8,481
2010  7,893
2011  9,674
2012  8,661
2013 10,459
2014 10,334
2015 11,209
2016 11,082
2017 12,705
2018  9,604
2019 11,409
2020 13,649

TOTAL = 140,009

2021 = 801

PERSONAL (INDIVIDUAL) DONATIONS by Members and Friends who choose to share.... and including some of our bigger Knit and Natter group's combined donations.

*Donations for the current year can be added here

2006/7   5,413
2008    10,162
2009      9,488
2010    19,385
2011    12,793
2012    16,192
2013    17,264
2014    21,066
2015    11,812
2016    10,003
2017    25,119
2018    19,057
2019    24,991 
2020    24,540

TOTAL = 227,285

2021 = 3,726

2015  4,005
2016  3,057
2017  2,740
2018  4,048
2019  1,616
2020  3,827

TOTAL = 19,293

2021 = 186

2015 = 13,842
2016 = 18,470
2017 = 21,709
2018 = 26,561
2019 = 33,641
2020 = 33,893

TOTAL = 148,116

Knit4Charities Group Membership = 721
This website updated 25 FEB 2021

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A HUGE THANK YOU to STORAGE KING, KENNARDS SELF STORAGE and TRANSDIRECT  for providing packing boxes and transport to get many of our donations to BUSHFIRE SURVIVORS in the Batemans Bay area of NSW


Little Woollie's

Skein Sisters

Individual Donors -- C Sanders, D Jones, J Chiplin, S Mooney, D Peck, L O'Neill, S Chappell, M Daniels, H Mitchell, 

S van de Peet, K Wanstall, P & D Tatt, M Ludgate, J Tyack, L Bean, K Moreland, D Gluer.